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Grateful Dead Live at Poplar Creek Music Theater on 1983-06-27

Audio Preview

Grateful Dead Live at Poplar Creek Music Theater on 1983-06-27

Set 1:
d1t01 - Bertha ->
d1t02 - The Promised Land
d1t03 - Dupree's Diamond Blues
d1t04 - New Minglewood Blues
d1t05 - Bird Song
d1t06 - Me And My Uncle ->
d1t07 - Mexicali Blues
d1t08 - Cold Rain And Snow ->
d1t09 - Hell In A Bucket ->
d1t10 - Sugaree

Set 2:
d2t01 - Scarlet Begonias ->
d2t02 - Fire On The Mountain ->
d2t03 - Estimated Prophet ->
d2t04 - Truckin' ->
d2t05 - Drums ->
d3t01 - Space ->
d3t02 - The Other One ->
d3t03 - The Wheel ->
d3t04 - Good Lovin'

d3t05 - U.S. Blues

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Poplar Creek Music Theater
Location Hofman Estates, IL

Source (FOB) Sennheiser 441 -> PCM
Lineage (Sony D8) -> CD (Tascam CD-RW700) -> CD -> Samplitude Professional v10.02 -> FLAC
Transferred by Charlie Miller


Patch Info:
Unknown Mics -> Cassette Master -> Cassette -> Dat -> CD (shnid=9994) supplies:
Bertha (0:00 - 5:20)
The Promised Land (1:37 - 1:38)

-- Set 2 is seamless
-- Patch source sounds like Sennheiser mics


Reviewer: gordon hensley - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 17, 2017
Subject: smokin'
nice string of shows this tour w/ band in tip top form, as is case here. and nice aud, thank you.

a refined, quality first set and a rocked out set two.

Reviewer: drkstrcrashes - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 18, 2016
Subject: The bus doors locked behind me after this 1
This was my third or 4th Dead Show and yes, I was already "on the bus" but after this night, the bus doors SLAMMED shut and were welded closed. I would never look back again. So many great memories- I was only 17. To be able to walk right up to the 10th row was mind boggling. The Bertha doesn't sound loud but Phil was louder than loud. Sonic BOOMS! Jerry's solo trickled like a stream. The Mutron in Duprees was a sound that I had never ever heard before. Along with Jerry's voice, I may have well been on the Dysney haunted house ride. ON ACID! It was a slowly spinning look through colored spider webs into the depths of my mind. After the peak, the trip slowed down and the Scarlet Fire was a half hour celebration of life. This was beyond any "concert" that I had experienced up to this point in my life and I had seen many. I was on a different planet. remembering back now, it is easy to see how the Dead were able to keep the party going for 35 years. LSD was EVERYWHERE, and the good stuff. It was like the 60s had never ended. For a kid from the Chicago suburbs, this discovery was life changing. I would see the GD as much and as far away as I possibly could for the rest of my life. Hearing what they called "space" was another mind/life altering experience. What other band would have the balls to pull off something like that. The Other 1>Wheel was so psychedelic. This whole show was pure psychedelia. This concert changed my life. BIG TIME! And little did I know that the next night I would witness a Help on the Way/Slipknot/Franklin's Tower. More of the most intense, complex and psychedelic music ever created. My GOD am I happy that I witnessed both these shows and both nights on the cleanest acid that was available to man in 1983. Thanks Jerry!
Reviewer: kbmill - - June 27, 2016
Subject: bread crumb
I've opined previously about the spotty character of 1983. On this night they slowed down and enjoyed things a little. Any night the bird Song goes over 11 minutes is a good night in my book.
Reviewer: Loresr1 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 21, 2014
Subject: Hot Hot Hot
The infamous Poplar Creek Shows. The Hoffman Estates Police arrested several thousand people between both nights. It took them a week to process everyone and the dead never player there again. However, both shows are blazing. I've seen some comments that the next night was better. I disagree. They're both stellar. The next night the Help->Slip->Franklin (especially the Franklin's Tower) are outstanding.
Reviewer: jjg4762 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 13, 2013
Subject: fact.
This show along with the next night were so much fun. Checking back in so many years later the still standout, sound on these recordings are over the top. Considering the band had not played there before those taping found the best spot and the recordings prove it. To many highlights to point out, just grab these while you still can.

Meaning less fact .... this is the very first hell in a bucket sugaree. I only say this because listening to hartford fall of 84 is said at the bottom of the facts on the show. Many many many buckets sugaree later is a historical fact only. Guess in 84 the Bucket Sugaree could be looked as 1st time they opened show with it, as in this case it closes out the 1st set.

I loved both of these shows. HOT HOT HOT

I am a huge fan of Midwest shows before they became over run with people who were only there to make money. We worked the parking lots to get to the next show, not for bank accounts. Just dawned on me how we parked cars here to make an extra buck. Not as parking attendants either.
Reviewer: DeePureLove - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 15, 2009
Subject: Nice Run
Good memories from these shows probably boosted my rating a star. Had scored front row center for the second show by camping out at Ticketron in Berwyn. Scored 5th row center for this one. Managed to stealth a really nice tape but ended up losing it years later. So I'm thankful for the archive and especially this recording which is really crisp.

Love this show. Jerry made up for muffed lyrics in Sugaree with a blazing version. I love this Scarlet Fire. A bit uneven but the mellow bits are fun, the percussion is nice and the transition into fire is perfect. Another Jerry muff to begin Fire but he again makes it up with one of the better versions I've heard, especially the jam between the first and second verse. Bob must have been chomping at the bit not having sung a song for over 30 minutes of Sugaree and Scarlet>Fire because he comes out blazing on Estimated though the jam is a little too mellow.

The next night was not as good but ending the tour with a semi bust-out Iko encore and pulling off a semi-rare Help>Slip>Franklins was genius and left everybody happy and wanting more.

Oh to be 19 again.
Reviewer: GHoltz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 20, 2008
Subject: This show was a smoker
From start to finish, this show smoked like a Jamaican Spliff. The Bertha opener is filled with Phil Bombs, and he kept em coming into promised land as well...this recording, to my ears, is a major upgrade to the 2nd gen cassette I have been listening to for years, pretty much the same thing that has been here on the archive for years. I mean, Cold Rain & Snow in the middle of the 1st set? And a rippin Sugaree closer?! Mind Blowing. All the way, the second set delivered. Chicago was just a short hop up from northern Indiana where I lived at the time, so we did not miss many shows in the Windy City. Do yourselves a favor. Grab this upgrade, and jump and jive. This one will not disappoint. I could tell you all sorts of stories about the band in the hotel between shows...but the names would have to be changed to protect the guilty... 5 stars for closing out the midwest summer tour with gusto.
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